• I reached a creativity block. No songs have really stuck out for me to do a picture for, except Stars Over Texas because there's a typo. I'll be redoing that one. Message me, suggesting songs please and thank you? I will love you forever!!
  • Recently, a dear friend suffered intense injuries after a longboarding accident, resulting in him being put on life support until his mother pulled the plug. I can't get over how awful this is. I was just going through his tribute page that his mom made for him while he was in the hospital, taking his friends and family through every moment of his seemingly promising recovery. Several surgeries later, his recovery took a turn for the worse and it became obvious that there was no hope.
  • Two communities have come together for the cause: the people in his Idaho hometown who knew him from school and the people in his current residential area in Mississippi. These people have been absolutely amazing. I can't get over that either. There's currently a webpage up with the intent of collecting donations in order to help the family pay for his medical and funeral costs. Going through, reading all of those messages brought tears to my eyes. People who didn't even have the pleasure of knowing this wonderful person donated hundreds of dollars to the cause. It's incredible. I love how kind and giving people can be when they truly want to, it just sucks that it caused something like this to make it happen.
  • I wish I could personally thank all of the people who have, so far, helped the family raise $4k+ for the cause. They are all wonderful people whom I hold the upmost respect for. Sione was a really amazing person. His smile was captivating and my heart aches over the fact that his smile won't light up the world anymore. His kindness won't touch more hearts. He had a very bright future and the fact that it's been taken away is terrible.
  • To his family: Stay strong you guys. You are all amazing people and will be in my prayers every night.
  • To my followers: Please, please take the time to visit the donation website. Even if you can't afford to donate as much money as the other people, please just donate something... even just $5 will help. Have a heart and help this family through the toughest obsticle they will ever face.
  • http: //www.giveforward.com/teamsione
  • Ofa atu Sione... I love you!
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